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Educational Technology Over The Years

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There was this marvellous post (by Pierfranco Ravotto) who described how the classroom arena has changed. Talking of all this as read, Pierfranco describes one of these classes as "...Epiphanic moments for a digital immigrant." He mentions about how when they started off (1999) the continuity was broken ("a group can't work because what done in the previous week is on the floppy of the absent girl student"!) and the girl who was absent was contacted by cell phone. After describing the progress over the years, he finally describes the most recent crowd of students (2007) who are busy downloading or gaming, and, in complete contrast, the attention appears to be acute. It is almost as if there are listening directly for a signal from the prof to which they immediately reply! At any rate, he asks for a response and they come straight back!  After that they get right on with whatever they were doing before he called for their attention! This is a great picture of how things have changed, technologically!


Pierfranco calls himself a "teacker" (somewhere between a teacher and a hacker) meaning that he feels he is someone who faces educational challenges. His  blog describes the whole concept.


I remember the classrooms in a local college in 1993 in England. All of the workstations would be connected using the old ethernet technology and they would be on carts which could be moved around on wheels. The problem with that was that the students would disconnect the wire at the back by kicking the carts against the wall. Once one station was disconnected, the whole network was down, because this is how it worked! This is a long way from today, where students meet with wireless laptops in coffee shops and the thought of disconnection never even enters anyone's head!


Then there are all the posts from people who are trying to define all these long words.... Connectivism, constructivism, Eliminative Materialism ... I don't see the point. But then I am a writer not an academic...!


The ones whom I find really interesting are the bilingual, trilingual and quadralingual, since they are focusing on a really balanced view, because of their already well-balanced ability to juggle meanings from words and phrases in different languages. We had many different views of Connectivism. People all seem to view it differently.


And then we need to look at networks.  I was surprised that Lisa's "Networks of Dead People" didn't get more attention. This had a real effect on me. I really believe in reincarnation - I think we need to bring all of this together somehow...



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