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Steve's Connectivism and Connective Knowledge Wiki

Gathering information about Connectivism and Connective Knowledge on a site together so that people can learn and contribute... Add whatever you think can fit in here...                                                                                                    



Photo credit: Jason Rhode

Isn't this cool? The New Structures and Spaces piece, although I expect not intentionally, looks like a footprint, stepping forward into the future!

This came from Robin Good's excellent column from Saturday just gone by, (October 18, 2008.) I subscribed to Robin Good's News emails here. There is such a lot of really good material in these emails... you will wonder how you ever did without it...



Site Contents:

Connectivism and Connective Knowledge defined

Educational Technology Over The Years

Members of the Connectivism PB Wiki

Second Life


If you want to add something to the site, please request access  Thanks!


Where I want to go from here:


I want to delve into the morass of educational technology and see how it is shaping up. Stories like the one from Pierfranco really put this into context. Let's see if anyone else has anything to tell about how things have changed, or how things could be improved with the current environment almost at saturation point as far as take-up of new technology goes.


I want stuff added to the Second Life page. I am a newcomer to Second Life. I am just beginning to delve into scripts and I am expecting this to be an exciting challenge!


Let's see how this goes for now... I expect I'll go take a walk in the California sunshine and another idea for a page will hit me!


To contact me, Steve Tuffill: email me @ stevetuf@gmail.com. Please put Connectivism - CCK08 in the Subject line.

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